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RapeX, the Southern African Anti-Rape Condom. a prototype anti-rape product had been designed as a lady condom with teeth coating the within

RapeX, the Southern African Anti-Rape Condom. a prototype anti-rape product had been designed as a lady condom with teeth coating the within



An image pictures a prototype layout for an anti-rape feminine condom.

The pictured device hasn’t become marketed or provided to buy.


In 2012, online users started forwarding a description of a-south African anti-rape equipment usually Rapex:

Sonette Ehlers, of Southern Africa (the rape capital of the globe), provides created an anti-rape equipment that passes by title, Rapex. The device is simply a lady condom with teeth coating the within that really work much like the protective spikes in a parking garage… you can easily enter, but anything you carry out, don’t back on. The teeth become angled so they really enable penetration, but chew like a shark given that manhood is removed; un salto al sito allegedly causing really discomfort that it’ll allow the girl an opportunity to break free. More, per Ms. Ehlers, “the product must be surgically got rid of at a medical facility, that’ll lead to the catch of the rapist.”

The product shown above was a model for an anti-rape female condom which was launched in 2005, as created by Sonnet Ehlers, an old health specialist in southern area Africa. At first branded RapeX, the device’s detection got altered to Rape-aXe due to a conflict together with the European Union’s alert program of similar identity.

Various reports post reported for the device’s introduction that:

“Nothing have ever been done to assist a woman with the intention that she does not get raped and that I believed it was about time,” Sonette Ehlers, 57, stated associated with “rapex”, a tool used like a tampon which includes stimulated conflict in a country familiar with day-to-day research of violent criminal activity.

Ehlers said the “rapex” hooks onto the rapist’s skin, letting the sufferer time and energy to escape and helping identify perpetrators.

“He will clearly feel also preoccupied at this stage,” she advised reporters. “we guarantee you he or she is going to be also tender. He Can run right to medical center.”

The unit, manufactured from exudate and held company by shafts of razor-sharp barbs, are only able to be taken from the person through surgical treatment that’ll notify medical facility staff members, and eventually, law enforcement, she said.

As soon as they lodges, best a physician can eliminate it — a process Ehlers dreams might be completed with bodies on standby to manufacture an arrest. “It hurts, the guy cannot pee and walking when it’s on,” she stated. “If the guy tries to remove it, it is going to clasp also tighter … but does not split the skin, and there’s no risk of liquid coverage.”

Additionally decreases the likelihood of a female dropping expecting or contracting HELPS along with other intimately transmitted diseases from the attacker by performing in the same way as a female condom.

“The perfect situation might possibly be for a female to wear this when she’s meeting on some kind of blind go out … or even to a location she’s unpleasant with,” she mentioned.

Ehlers, whom showed off a prototype, said female have attempted they for benefits and it was indeed examined on a synthetic male unit although not but on an alive guy. Generation had been wanted to starting [in 2006].

But even though the the Rape-aXe anti-rape condom was marketed on the internet and established as about to enter into manufacturing eleven in years past, we’ve receive no indication which possess ever become sold towards the community nor any announcement verifying if or with regards to would be produced for purchase. CNN reported this season that Ehlers wanted to circulate 30,000 of this equipment in southern area Africa throughout the coming industry mug baseball fits and hoped to make them available in the market after a “trial years,” but we now have discover no document suggesting that the item keeps actually ever come introduced to manufacturers.

In January 2017, a GoFundMe campaign was launched with a mentioned purpose of continuing to build up a Rape-aXe item and take it to market. By 2020, the strategy had been far short of its goal of raising $310,000.

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