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The wire guy’s ways: professional claiming to function for opportunity Warner Cable is informing all on Reddit

The wire guy’s ways: professional claiming to function for opportunity Warner Cable is informing all on Reddit

Individuals claiming to get an occasion Warner Cable specialist try spilling strategy on Reddit.

Times Warner wire, the second-largest company of television and internet service in the us, told Quartz that it’s looking at the listings. “We’re unable to examine if this people is obviously an ongoing or former staff,” a spokesman said.

Reddit consumer cableguy_the begun an “Ask myself such a thing” (AMA) bond, uploading photo of his ID badge and consistent as proposed proof of their job. Their answers to the questions arriving are incredibly candid. Here are a few shows (typos preserved).

On Comcast’s pending purchase of the time Warner cable tv:

We would like the merger because existing group responsible will be the worst in recent record. Many people acquiring discharged because of impossible metrics. Most of the energy might given to customer care representatives and removed through the people who really check out the homes and correct problems . It’s chaos additionally the company is being operated like crap IMHO [in my personal modest view].

Regarding pressure between specialists and customer support representatives:

Yea customer care reps and specialists are battling a combat that not one person views. We detest them, they detest us. They determine clients the problem is the equipment with regards to hardly ever try. We tell visitors just to disregard what the chap from the telephone states because it’s likely that very good, he’s never wired a house, strung a drop or solved cable tv.

On what’s truly completely wrong together with your hookup:

Don’t believe 50percent of what the associate throughout the cell tells you. Simply schedule the tech. Allow him run. He’s done this earlier. The representative only suggestions phones. it is rarely the equipment resulting in the problem.

On the trick to get best assist:

When a technical comes ,ask for his managers wide variety. Tell him it’s just not to lose him but to elevate an issue. He may name his sup to be certain its cool but that can help.

On what’s preventing more quickly internet download rates:

Genuinely, basic analogue cable. It requires upwards sooo a lot data transfer swinging heaven australia . 1 station per regularity vs bonding numerous frequencies to produce 8 channels for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Once we go 100percent electronic tv.. Web get faster. Additionally obstruction. If you’re around a college it’s the worst . Grandmother would use the girl 15 meg for mail and scanning but young Johnny college or university child sucks in the bandwidth in your neighborhood making use of netflix and torrenting and gaming. Yet they shell out similar. IMHO what would correct this can be capping facts and offering everybody uncapped speed.

On precisely why splitting your cable relationship try an awful idea:

Setting up a splitter just to attenuate the signal is really dumb we actually have affairs known as attenuators that do this without incorporating unnecessary splitter. But it’s correct that excessive alert is just as bad as lack of we name that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA costs your his tasks:

I would be fired based on exactly who captures myself. I would will also get an advantage its so very hard to tell together with the ways this business is currently organized.

About how Wi-Fi signals is unreliable, and will end up being vanquished by doors and walls:

Yes most evident. Plaster walls specifically.Solid wood gates, in a cellar as soon as the router is on the second floors or the other way around. Wi-fi are a fickle beast.

In your “broken” wire modem:

Yea we notice this much. I might say in a given 12 months I’d state 5per cent of the modems I swapped comprise actually faulty. We carry out many puppy and pony tv show and merely change it anyhow. The problem is always perhaps not machines associated. Modems either work or they don’t. There is certainly very little around. These are generally easy tools. I’ve tv series clientele utilizing my own personal computer every little thing employed alright, then turn back again to her equipment and everything visits shit. They nevertheless demand another modem..Its insanity.

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